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Religious Studies Review

Religious Studies Review (RSR), edited by David B. Gray and Jeremy Biles, is a well-known and widely circulating quarterly review of new publications across the entire field of religious studies and in related disciplines.  Elias Bongmba of the Department of Religion at Rice is the Managing Editor.  RSR's team of reviewers examine over 1,000 titles annually, both through its review essays (several of which are published in each issue) and its substantial critical book notes section (arranged in terms of the various sub-specialties in the field). RSR also publishes bibliographies and an ongoing registry of dissertations completed or in progress.

Until 2005, RSR was wholely produced and distributed by the Council; however, the Council contracted Wiley-Blackwell to produce and distribute the journal. In 2009, Rice University purchased RSR, which will continue to be published by Wiley-Blackwell.