Rice Unconventional Wisdom

African Studies

Drawn from the schools of social sciences and humanities, African Studies has strengths in archaeological and anthropological research, historical studies, African religions and theory, African arts and global health technologies. 

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations 

The Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations offers an interdisciplinary major that explores the worlds of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Jews, and the civilizations of the Christians and Muslims in their formative periods.


Forensic Society

The George R. Brown Forensic Society is Rice University's competitive intercollegiate speech and debate team. Founded in 1984, the society replaced the original Rice Forensic Society, which existed from 1954 to 1964. The team represents Rice by competing in speech and debate tournaments throughout the United States.


Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses the texts, history, languages, philosophy and culture of Jews and Judaism as they have endured over three millennia and throughout the world.


Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Medieval and Early Modern Studies is a program that is designed to allow students to obtain an overview of vital aspects of medieval learning, arts, languages, and cultures, while also specializing in a traditional discipline or area.


Politics, Law and Social Thought

Politics, Law and Social Thought is a new program that involves departments across the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences. It allows undergraduates to study the big questions in political theory and law that inform policy decisions and that shape contemporary society in a global setting.


Poverty, Social Justice and Human Capabilities

The Poverty, Social Justice and Human Capabilities Program aims to give students a rigorous understanding of human well-being, both in the US and internationally.