Rice Unconventional Wisdom


depts_arthistoryArt History
The Department of Art History offers a lively range of courses on art and architecture from antiquity to the present.  Our superb faculty often utilize the excellent museum resources in Houston, which are among the best in the nation.» 
depts_classicalstudiesClassical & European Studies
The Department of Classical & European Studies is home to first-rate scholars and instructors whose range of knowledge and expertise guides students to excel in the areas of French, German, Greek and Latin history, language, literature, culture and civilization.»
The Rice English department offers the B.A. and the Ph.D. One of the largest departments at Rice, it is nonetheless small enough to foster a sense of community where faculty are aware of and invested in the intellectual development of students as they proceed through its programs. »
The Rice University History Department understands its function to be twofold: to create knowledge about the past through research and to disseminate historical knowledge through publishing and teaching. »
The study of philosophy provides a training in expressing thoughts clearly and precisely, in defending one's ideas, and in evaluating the positions of others. Quite simply, philosophy gives training in critical thinking.»

The Department of Religion of Rice University is a research program dedicated to describing and analyzing all forms of religion and religious behavior with a wide variety of philosophical, historical, social-scientific, theological, and literary methods. »

depts_hispanicSpanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies
A major in Rice’s Hispanic Studies Program will graduate with a solid command of the Spanish language, as well as a broad knowledge of one of the world’s richest cultures.»
depts_filmVisual & Dramatic Arts
The Visual & Dramatic Arts department at Rice gives students the opportunity to focus their art education in one of three distinct tracks of study: Studio, Theatre, or Film.»