Fellowships, Internships, Awards and Practica

Departments, centers, and programs within the School of Humanities offer a range of competitive fellowships for undergraduates and graduates. Many are intended to help students with special research projects and/or research travel in the U.S. and abroad. Please contact your major department for a complete list of fellowships, deadlines, and application procedures. Each department has its own criteria.

Our departments, centers, and programs may also give awards and prizes to distinguished students. Most of these depend on faculty nomination, but some permit students to apply.

Finally, these units may choose to fund special events organized by students, such as a guest speaker or conference. Such awarded funds, as well as the organizational responsibilities, are a distinction for the student organizer(s).

For more information on fellowships, internships, awards and practica in the School of Humanities, contact Nyeva Agwunobi, Executive Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives.

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