School of Humanities

Undergraduate Programs

The humanities are usually understood as a set of academic disciplines that seek to examine and interpret the human experience — that of individuals as well as entire cultures. The Humanities at Rice engage in the discovery, preservation, and communication of the past and present in order to more deeply understand contemporary society while fostering the imagination of a new future. Yet, we also live and thrive in new spaces beyond the disciplines in our collaborative and interdisciplinary centers, programs and minors, which form the foundation for the more fully integrated and "connective humanities" we seek to expand. For more information on undergraduate programs, contact Andrew Stefl, Academic Administrator or Nyeva Agwunobi, Executive Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Dean of Humanities.

The School of Humanities has eight departments offering undergraduate major and minor curriculum:

The school has seven centers that offer resources for undergraduate study and research. Some offer undergraduate minors.

The school has nine programs that offer undergraduate degree concentrations and minors. They also bring distinguished scholars and speakers to campus to enhance the undergraduate experience:

More Resources for Undergraduates

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