Occasionally we will be contacted by organizations offering internships that are not managed under the HEDGE program. They are, however, specifically looking for Humanities students, and want us to help them spread the word! Please check out the following opportunities, and contact Nyeva Agwunobi for more information. Read a list of previous Beyond the Hedge opportunities >

McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: research, writing, and administrative student assistant internships within the Rice Baker Institute for Public Policy. Please contact Dr. Anne Dayton (mcnair@rice.edu) for additional information. Visit the link to access additional opportunities on-campus and across the world! (rolling deadlines)

Helpsy Health: digital health start-up focused on symptom management and a whole-health approach to patient life improvement. Currently seeking Health Technology Writer interns to work remotely during the school year and summer. For additional questions email Selin Ergulen at se16@rice.edu.

Contact Information

For all questions, please contact:

Andrew Stefl, Lead Academic Administrator and Data Analyst, Office of the Dean of Humanities
Rice University, School of Humanities
116 Humanities Building | 713-348-4118 | andrew.stefl@rice.edu