Fall 2021 Courses

WHY DID SO MANY DIE? The U.S. Response to COVID-19

HUMA 128 | WHY DID SO MANY DIE? The U.S. Response to COVID-19

The U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster. The facts are now largely clear but how to interpret them is another matter. Is this a story about how China blew up the whole world by being unwilling to admit it was facing a scary epidemic? Is it about how the White House allowed Americans to die in the name of “saving the economy”? Is it a story about how selfish individuals went to the beach rather than suffer for the collective good, or a story about institutions that worked poorly? Is it all these things? We need to look back and make sense of this calamity.

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What is religion? How should the world’s religions relate to one another in the modern world? How do myth, ritual, nature, science, sexuality, politics, violence, the miraculous, death and the after-life function? Should we be living our lives according to a particular religious script? Living entirely without religion? Or re-writing those scripts, coding the human being toward different futures and possibilities? Are you living a religion? Or is a religion living you?

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