Research and Internships

When the student asks the question—whether in a class or independently—that student has taken the first step toward undergraduate research. All our departments, centers, and programs offer research opportunities. Humanities students carry out original research over a summer, semester or year. Funding is available for travel to conduct and present research or for other necessary expenses.

Internships serve students’ research interests as well as career planning. The School of Humanities hosts several established internship programs in medical humanities, law, and the arts, and also helps students arrange others. Students often choose as internship sites medical or social service organizations, in Houston, around the country, or abroad, but really the sky is the limit. Humanities students also learn about a variety of industries and businesses through career panels, networking dinners, and other events often involving Rice alumni. It is possible to garner funding for unpaid summer professional internships. Some are located in departments or centers, while others (HEDGE) are administered at the level of the School.