The humanities explore the study of the human experience, past and present, encompassing the study of history and art history, languages and literatures, philosophy, religion, and visual and dramatic arts. Our students learn skills in critical analysis, interpretation and argument, analytical writing, and oral presentation in both individual and collaborative undertakings. They investigate how societies, cultures, human values, and everyday experiences have been transformed, represented, and remembered over time.

What interest you? Medical humanities, environmental studies, or politics, law and social thought? Is it English or film and photography? History or philosophy? How about art history or transnational Asian studies? Latin American studies or Spanish and Portuguese studies? How about classical studies, European studies, French studies or German studies? Have you thought about studying religion? Or women, gender and sexuality?  How about studio art or theatre? Ancient Mediterranean civilizations or medieval and early modern studies?

Each one of these Rice areas of study will will engage you in the crucial questions of life, change how you analyze the world, and give you with the skills to create a transformative impact.

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Why Humanities?

Majoring or minoring in in any discipline in the Humanities at Rice helps to prepare students across a broad range of fields, interests, commitments and professions. Whichever majors or minors you choose in the School of Humanities, you will embark on a challenging and flexible course of study. Your intellectual engagement will change your life, and you will gain lasting skills to change our world.

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Your experience in the humanities at Rice will both foster and provide:

Why Houston?

Location matters. Houston is a thriving global city and of the most diverse cities in the country with nearly 150 languages spoken here. The Rice campus is adjacent to the Texas Medical Center and near one of the largest museum districts in the country. Students with majors and minors in the humanities make extensive use of both sets of institutions. Rice students engage with many other organizations in Houston as well. Practically every department, center and program in the School of Humanities has its own Houston programs. The city’s rich history and present-day successes and challenges are a valuable part of Rice students’ education.

Majors and Minors

The disciplines of the humanities are the lenses through which our faculty and students examine the human experience. Each discipline was created at some moment in the past, has changed in response to each generation’s questions, and new disciplines are emerging today. They do not stand still, and neither do we. At Rice, our academic departments offer many ways to major and, for graduate students, to pursue a graduate certificate. The School of Humanities also houses several centers that bring together faculty for interdisciplinary research, teaching, publications and other activities, as well as several other interdisciplinary programs. Our Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication offers instruction in languages, both at Rice and abroad. We encourage students to acquire or further develop a second or third language.

Student Life

The School of Humanities at Rice University is a top-quality liberal arts college rolled into a research university. Its small scale, combined with its research focus, brings advantages to both undergraduates and graduate students.

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