Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication

Learning languages can take you far and allow you to have a positive impact on society.

  • Visit different countries and connect meaningfully with locals
  • Learn more about other cultures and societies
  • Live or study abroad
  • Connect to your roots by deepening your knowledge of the language of your ancestors
  • Invest in your professional future with a certificate that attests to your knowledge of a second language
  • Understand the needs of and better serve your future Spanish-speaking clients and patients and their communities

Through the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication you can:

  • Learn one or more of the 10 languages we teach
  • Study abroad and complete six credits in six weeks in one of our summer Rice in Country programs
  • Talk to native speakers in the language you are learning without leaving campus
  • Complete our Certificate in Language and Intercultural Communication and have your proficiency in the second language appear on your transcript
  • Take a course in medical Spanish, Chinese or Spanish for heritage learners, accelerated Portuguese

Languages we teach:
Arabic | Chinese | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish

Rice in Country programs:
Rice in Egypt
| Rice in Taiwan | Rice in France | Spring Break in Berlin | Rice in Italy | Rice in Japan | Rice in Korea | Rice in Brazil | Rice in Costa Rica | Rice in Spain

Start your language learning journey by visiting our website and taking the language placement test. The earlier you start the more opportunities you will have.

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