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Study the Humanities

The humanities at Rice engage in the discovery, preservation and communication of the past and present in order to more deeply understand contemporary society. While fostering the imagination of a new future, we also live and thrive in new spaces beyond the disciplines in our collaborative and interdisciplinary centers, programs and minors, which form the foundation for the more fully integrated and connective humanities we pursue.

The School of Humanities occupies a distinctive place at Rice. Our prize-winning faculty and students are globally minded. Our research and teaching span millennia, reaching from ancient times to the future. We offer our students opportunities for civic engagement and experiential learning.

Those same students pursue careers in law, medicine, business, public policy, education, journalism, arts, technology, nonprofits and more. We see the humanities as connected and relevant for nearly every field of study at Rice. Our students connect classroom learning to experiences beyond the classroom and in the realms of public engagement. Our internship and practicum programs help students chart pathways to their future professions.