Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures

Six programs in six languages, spanning nearly 3,000 years and the world, from ancient Greece to modern Europe, the Caribbean and Global Latin America.

We are the only department at Rice in which you can take courses on French citizenship, the Mexican Revolution, German film, Spanish Baroque drama, the literary culture of the Roman Republic and Greek tragedy — on the same day and in the same semester, taught by renowned faculty, and with study-abroad opportunities in Athens and Rome, in Paris, Madrid and Cuba, and in Leipzig and Berlin.

Our students go on to become diplomats and investment bankers, federal prosecutors, lawyers and advocates for social justice. Not surprisingly, many continue their education at some of the top graduate and professional schools in the world.

Studying in our department is a career-building experience. Our students today work for a wide range of businesses and institutions — from NGOs and tech startups, to higher education and health care, to multinational corporations and NASA.

Majors: Classical Studies | European Studies | French Studies | German Studies | Latinx and Latin American Studies | Spanish and Portuguese
Minors: Classical Civilizations | French Studies | German Studies | Greek Language and Literature | Latin American and Latinx Studies | Latin Language and Literature | Spanish and Portuguese


Our students travel the world. They intervene in the world.  They change the world.

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