Research Intern
Academic year 2017-18

Project Title(s): Supporting Informed Decision Making in Cancer Care

Project Description: This program of research examines methods for optimizing shared decision making in the cancer context. Overdiagnosis/overdetection occurs when patients receive a diagnosis for a cancer that would never have caused harm or led to diminished life expectation. Methods for effectively communicating these complex concepts to patients, including those from disadvantaged groups, is a focus of this research. The project may also include assisting with projects related to shared decision making in cancer care, for example, reviewing literature, evaluating existing tools, and participating in designing new tools to help patients become well-informed and make decisions when there are two or more medically-relevant screening or treatment options available to them.

Expectations of student:

  • The student must devote 10 hours per week to the project (consistent with a 3-credit course) and will develop a timeline of activities in collaboration with supervisor(s). The student will meet at least monthly with the faculty supervisor(s) to evaluate progress.
  • Team meetings twice a month, some in person. Literature reviews, critiques of existing shared decision making tools, publications and presentations.

Prerequisite training: Anyone with an interest in medical decision making.

Knowledge and skills student can expect to gain: Knowledge of, and experience with, health research methods (e.g., literature review and user-centered design of health communication tools), medical decision making, and cancer care.