2014, History Department's Konzem Honored by Trustees

Beverly Konzem, department administrator, received special recognition at the December 12, 2013 Rice Board of Trustees meeting for outstanding service to Rice's Department of History.

[Then] Dean of Humanities Nicolas Shumway praised Konzem for always exceeding expectations, efficiently and quickly managing assigned tasks and her positive attitude.

In a letter nominating Konzem for the award, Shumway applauded Konzem's "tireless commitment, always-reliable attentiveness and exceptional attention to detail."

"She has the ability to make everyone comfortable, and all find working with her a pleasure," Shumway wrote.

Rice's Distinguished Employee Award is an honor presented by the Human Resources Department that recognizes staff members who perform above and beyond their job descriptions to the benefit of the Rice community.

Rice News, July 27, 2000: Konzem Applauded for Drawing Hispanic, Classical Studies Together

People in the Department of Hispanic and Classical Studies are calling department coordinator Beverly Konzem names: salt of the earth, real Texas, a magic glue that binds the faculty and staff together and now, distinguished employee. A Rice employee since 1983, Konzem has worked in the Department of Hispanic and Classical Studies...managing the department paperwork, taking care of the professors and graduate students, and acting, as she says, "mom" to the group.