Majors and Minors

The disciplines of the humanities are the lenses through which our faculty and students examine the human experience. Each discipline was created at some moment in the past, has changed in response to each generation’s questions, and new disciplines are emerging today. They do not stand still, and neither do we.

At Rice, our eight academic departments offer 23 ways to major and, for graduate students, a graduate certificate. The School of Humanities also houses four centers that bring together faculty for interdisciplinary research, teaching, publications, or other activities, as well as nine smaller-scale interdisciplinary programs. These centers and programs offer four interdisciplinary majors, seven interdisciplinary minors and, for graduate students, two graduate certificates. Rice’s Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication offers cutting-edge instruction in languages, both at Rice and abroad. All our humanities faculty strongly encourage students to acquire or further develop a second or third language.