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The Humanities at Rice pursue the big questions in our classrooms and beyond. Our study of human capacities, culture and creativity develop our students into thinkers and leaders — in their careers and through their contributions to society. Drawing upon the humanities skills of analysis, comparison, and critical interpretation, we foster humanities engagement with medicine and law, science and technology in our study of medical humanities, environmental and social justice, global cultures and inequities, religion, ethics and values in historical and contemporary perspective. Our commitment to the arts recognizes that artists have a vital role in shaping our changing world and how we experience it. Susan and Fayez Sarofim Hall will open a new and vibrant home for the student arts at Rice, with flexible spaces that will change as art itself reaches into new realms of technology and performance in the coming years.

It is our responsibility to widen opportunities for Rice students and provide them with cutting-edge faculty, spaces for learning and collaboration, transformative courses and internships that inspire and prepare them for meaningful lives. There is no location where we are better poised to do so than in the Gulf Coast metropole of Houston, the fourth largest and most diverse city in the United States, a city shaped by the arts and a dynamic urbanism, by migrations and diversity, by medical innovation and climate disasters, by the capacity for change and innovation. Growing our resources will allow us to expand our most promising programs and foster our students’ pathways to careers that change the world.

To explore how your generosity can have a transformative impact, please contact Emily Stein, Senior Director of Development, at or 713-348-3424.

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