Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (AMC) is an interdisciplinary major centered on the interconnected ancient world. From Greek temples to Roman chariot races, from Egyptian goddesses to Babylonian law codes, from the rise of Christianity to the cultures of early Jews and Muslims, from prehistory to philosophy, AMC students explore the complex web of links and innovations that revolutionized the ancient Mediterranean world and helped shape our own.

You will immerse yourself in more than two millennia of some of the world’s most influential cultures, studying their histories, arts, religions, philosophies, economies, literatures, languages and political systems, and evaluating their contributions to modernity. The astonishingly diverse range of ancient peoples and ideas you encounter will change the way you see the world.

Want to study abroad in Rome? Intern at a museum? Excavate an archaeological site in Turkey? AMC students travel the globe. Don’t just read about it, go experience it.

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