Program in Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish Studies invites students of all backgrounds on an interdisciplinary journey of discovery through the exploration of the religious practices, literature, history and philosophy of the Jewish people. The study of Jewish cultures and communities around the world, a topic spanning more than 3,000 years of history, enriches our understanding of the human experience.

To fulfill the requirements of the minor, students must complete at least six courses in Jewish Studies in a wide range of subject areas. The Program in Jewish Studies also offers several semester-long courses that include a travel component during spring break. These classes augment traditional classroom learning with an experiential component designed to deepen students’ engagement with the material. In these courses, students may have the opportunity to visit New York, Jerusalem or other cities.

Beyond the classroom, Jewish Studies minors can partake in many special opportunities on and off campus. The Jewish Studies Student Association organizes lunch talks, film screenings, field trips and other events.

Additionally, the Joan and Stanford Alexander South Texas Jewish Archives, a collaboration between Jewish Studies and the Woodson Research Center at Fondren Library offers paid internships to students. Our student interns gain hands-on experience with archival processing and digitization and a broader understanding of the Jewish experience in Houston and South Texas.

Minor: Jewish Studies

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