Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MDEM) Program offers a major and a minor, which enable students to study medieval and early modern cultures in the period between the fourth and 18th centuries. Our global and interdisciplinary program draws on a broad range of critical approaches and 15 disciplines — anthropology, art history, Asian studies, classical studies, English, European studies, French studies, German studies, History, Latin American studies, medieval and early modern studies, music, philosophy, religion, and Spanish and Portuguese. Students have the opportunity to experience medieval materials firsthand by examining the illuminated manuscripts and medieval art at Rice University and in the libraries and museums of Houston.

The MDEM minor is ideal for students who want to enrich their major studies at Rice with an interest in interdisciplinary studies in the medieval and early modern period, and to explore how this body of knowledge might apply to their own specific academic or professional goals.

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