Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Partnerships

Our school's strategic vision calls for a recalibration of the humanities and the sciences towards new forms of knowledge. In envisioning a more connective Humanities at Rice, we seek to advance our place in artistic, humanistic and scientific endeavors across campus.

Our interdisciplinary academic areas, including African and African American Studies and Politics, Law and Social Thought, both of which we share with the School of Social Sciences; Environmental Studies, which we share with the School of Architecture; our interdisciplinary Chao Center for Asian Studies and the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality; our collaborative Medical Humanities and Jewish Studies programs; and the partnerships our Visual and Dramatic Arts faculty members have formed with colleagues in engineering and computer science as well as with the institutions and organizations across Houston through its popular cinema program are all exemplars of our "connective" ambition.

As incubators of innovative research and teaching, each of these interdisciplinary areas:

  • Builds upon faculty expertise and student demand
  • Advances faculty research excellence and innovation
  • Expands and transforms the undergraduate curriculum in the Humanities
  • Creates new opportunities for interdisciplinary graduate training at Rice