Internships and Practica

The School of Humanities offers a variety of internships and practica.  These terms refer to summertime, semester- or year-long experiences in organizations located in Houston--or anywhere.  While “internship” is the better-known term, “practicum” emphasizes the academic framework accompanying the experience.  In fact, all School of Humanities-based internships and practica that carry academic credit have an academic framework.  Each offering has developed over time, resting on the institutional relationships, expertise, and goals of the Rice member who created it—so we retain the term the originator uses.  Students seek out these experiences for research and/or career preparation purposes.  
The table below shows all current internships and practica in the School, whether offered by a department, center, program, or the Office of the Dean of Humanities.  Click on the title of the internship in the table below for details.  The specific expectations for an internship or practicum are set by the faculty and staff who administer them.
In addition to departmental internships and practica, the Office of the Dean of Humanities administers internships under the rubric of HEDGE (which stands for Humanities Encouraging Diversity in post-Graduation Employment).  
Typically, internships or practica during the academic year offer academic credit, and those during the summer do not.  Almost all of the School's non-credit internships carry a stipend, whether standard, available by competitive application, or need-based.  Students considering an unpaid, non-credit-bearing internship should contact the School to learn about possible funding.  
Remember that other parts of Rice offer additional internships of interest to Humanities students.  
To international students—an internship that is off Rice campus and inside the U.S. may endanger your student visa.  Consult with OISS, Natasha Bowdoin, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Special Projects, or with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the relevant department or program.