Internships and Practica

While “internship” is the better-known term, the term “practicum” that is used in some parts of Rice emphasizes that the activity is for academic credit and has a classroom-based component.  Both are occasions for leaving the classroom and experiencing work in an organization.  An internship can give you a sense of a future job, or ideas for a research project, or even a chance to apply your ideas in that organization. 

Internships may take place during the summer or during the academic year; some carry academic credit and others do not.  Often stipends are available to offset expenses or lost earnings. 

The School of Humanities hosts seven well-established internship programs, to help students advance academic goals and for careers after graduation. Prominent among the internship sites are medical and social service organizations here and abroad, but really the sky is the limit. Several of our programs, allow students to choose the internship site, and apply for one of our internship stipends. For more information on interships, see HEDGE (Humanities Encouraging Diversity in post-Graduation Employment).

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Hear from students:  Read about the experiences of our students who have completed summer internships in self-chosen areas or academic-year practica in law or health.