Cultivating Lasting Skills

Students in humanities majors and minors hone the lasting skills that employers and postgraduate admissions committees seek.

Students with our majors and minors are able to:

  • See the big picture and ask the big questions
  • Analyze problems, interpret texts and develop arguments
  • Write and speak with precision and confidence
  • Collaborate with others, with strong intercultural awareness and interpersonal skills

These capacities cannot be developed overnight; discussion, writing and independent research are key. Once you have developed habits of thought and expression at a high level, you can take on almost anything.

What are employers who hire at Rice seeking in job applicants? Students with a major or minor in the humanities are well qualified for employers’ top-ranked criteria of problem-solving, communication, interpersonal and teamwork, and analysis. Our students have an excellent track record of employment as well as admission to the medical schools, law schools and graduate schools of their choice.