Courses in International Locations

We offer pathways for students to pursue comparative or cross-cultural study with faculty who are immersed in a collaborative research and teaching through:

  • Our Center for Language and Intercultural Communication, which offers learning in 10 languages and study abroad experiential learning opportunities as part of its Rice in Country programs;
  • Our Department of Translational Asian Studies and the Chao Center for Asian Studies, which are unique in academia because of their explicitly transnational focus and our faculty members' continent-spanning work;
  • Our Department of Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures, which reaches from ancient Greece to the contemporary Americas and offers Rice students various study-abroad experiences, including the intensive eight-week language program in Germany and the popular student trip to Cuba;
  • Our English and Art History departments, which provide opportunities for students to study respectively in Britain and in cities of major artistic importance such as Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London and Istanbul.