Rice Stone Owl Detail

B.A. Economics, Rice University, 1960


For many years, Mrs. Doty was an executive with IBM and has broad experience in sales, marketing, product development, corporate communications, direct marketing and real estate management. She also held positions in Human Resources with responsibility for executive development, employee relations, executive succession planning, and creation of a corporate diversity program and complementary video. Mrs. Doty's career at IBM also included the development of the IBM Gallery of Arts and Science in New York City, and managing IBM's 42 million square feet of owned and leased real estate in the US.  Following her retirement from IBM, she served as an executive vice president of Harris McCully Associates, a career management consulting company in New York City.


Mrs. Doty has been on the Rice Board of Trustees (1999 - 2001), a member of the executive board of the Association of Rice Alumni (2004-2007), 1960 alumni chair for 45th and 50th class reunions and a co-chair of the Rice Centennial Celebration. She was a member of Jones College.