Never has there been a more important time to understanding the worlds in which we live and the living systems of which we are a part.

The Center for Environmental Studies supports a wide range of research, teaching and outreach, including the Environmental Studies (ENST) minor, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to the urgent planetary issues facing us now. The scope and scale of environmental dilemmas addressed in our courses and in the minor require scientific, social and cultural approaches. We highlight the insights of all academic disciplines along with robust conversations across them, with particular emphasis on the arts, architecture, humanities and social sciences.

The “Planet Now!” — a webinar series organized by the Center for Environmental Studies and our Environmental Studies (ENST) curriculum — stages urgent conversations about critical issues designed to support research and teaching in and beyond the Rice community and to encourage a broad audience for invigorating dialogue across disciplines.

To learn more about the center and the Environmental Studies minor and our “Planet Now!” conversations, visit and