Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellowship

To follow are special instructions for Medical Humanities applicants for the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship:

  • Medical Humanities applicants should name Kirsten Ostherr, director of the Medical Humanities program, as their mentor. Candidates do not need to contact Dr. Ostherr directly.

  • Candidates should submit all application materials through Rice University's RiceWorks website. Note, the application system requires that a letter of support be submitted. However, this is not required for Medical Humanities applicants. Instead of submitting a letter of support, please simply upload a document stating that this letter is not required for the Medical Humanities application.

  • The Dean of the School of Humanities will provide salary support. Candidates do not need to seek additional support.

  • The Medical Humanities fellow will be expected to teach 1/1; one of those classes will be the required "Introduction to Medical Humanities" course for the Medical Humanities minor; the other course will be in the candidates' research field.

  • Please see further instructions for all Rice Academy of Fellows candidates on the Rice University Academy of Fellows website.

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