April 14
Message to Undergraduate Students About Thursday lunch

Good Morning Everyone,

This week at Thursday Lunch, Betty Joseph (English), Aysha Pollnitz (History), and Kamala Visweswaran (Chao Center) will help lead a discussion focusing on the pandemic and what it may leave in its wake.

We'll use the present situation in India and Arundhati Roy's “The Pandemic is a Portal” as a starting point. The current tragedy, argues Roy, is not new. But the intensity and scale of its reach has forced long simmering inequities and violences into wider view and onto greater numbers of people. What will be the effect? Professors Joseph, Visweswaran, and Pollnitz each have some compelling questions about how to think about Roy's essay and about how to think about what comes next.

Here’s the Zoom link for Thursday Lunch (April 16 at Noon), but please also sign up here (because having a sense of the number of participants will help us to organize discussion).

Bring a friend.

Take care,

Alex Byrd

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