March 13, 2020
Update Message to Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows

Good evening faculty and postdoctoral fellows,

Here are some important updates regarding the School of Humanities.

1. As mentioned during the Remote Instruction Training today, Caroline Levander will assign two of her team members to be available starting next week for any questions or assistance. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am - 10 am, we will host walk-in sessions. Please come to the Dean's Conference Room (HUM 115). The exterior door (facing the courtyard) will be unlocked for walk-in traffic. I do not have information yet on the individual training sessions.

2. After today's training, Caroline was approached about faculty who want to e-mail assignments and telephone with students as needed. This is absolutely prohibited! Our SACSCOC accreditation disallows this option as there must be 3 hours of instruction per week.

3. If you plan to video lectures in your classes (with no students), please let Caroline know so rooms can be open.

4. HUMANITIES BUILDING (a) - Effective today (Friday, March 13), the Humanities Building will be open from 7 am to 6 pm only. Faculty, staff, postdocs, and grad students who have offices in the Humanities Building will still have 24/7 access via their ID card. I have been told that RUPD will roll this schedule out to all academic buildings.

5. HUMANITIES BUILDING (b) - Effective Monday, March 16, the door to the east wing of the Humanities Building, first floor (where Denise Michalak, John Waterhouse, Nyeva Agwunobi, etc. have offices) will be locked 24/7. All Humanities faculty and staff will be able to enter the suite between 8 am and 5 pm (M-F) by using their Rice ID on the card reader next to the door. This change is only temporary until Rice returns to traditional operations.