Humanities online summer offerings

There is no question that the coronavirus epidemic has created unprecedented challenges for Rice and each and every one of us. To help students continue to advance in their education, our faculty members have stepped forward to help us launch an exciting curriculum, Humanities@Home, as part of the new Rice Online summer sessions.

One of the aims of the summer sessions is to help students pursue their educational goals in the face of canceled summer internships, jobs and study abroad programs. Rice undergraduate students and visiting students (who will need to apply to Rice summer programs) can now participate in a wide range of Humanities courses at a reduced tuition rate and from the safety and comfort of their home locations.

Our summer offerings include introductory and gateway courses in Medical Humanities, Philosophy, Religion, American Literature, European and U.S. History, History of Art and a wide selection of courses in foreign languages. The creative arts are a vibrant presence in our summer curriculum, including courses in film, theater and photography, and fiction writing. Our goal is to make it possible for students to fulfill major, minor or distribution credits in the Humanities while away from campus.

New courses

Humanities offerings this summer also include courses on the ethics, history and literature of pandemics and epidemics in U.S. and global perspectives. These new offerings include English 272: Literature and Medicine; Philosophy 166: Ethics in Pandemics and Medical Humanities 238: Epidemics in U.S. History. Each of these courses was developed to allow students to explore the highly relevant current topic of pandemic from the perspective of a major field of study in the humanities. These courses make clear the significance of the Humanities in helping students to make sense of our experiences during this prolonged moment of disruption and transformation.

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Watch Dean of Humanities Kathleen Canning and associate deans Alexander X. Byrd and Jeffrey Kripal talk about this year's School of Humanities summer online courses.

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